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BlueMark Business Services provides part time bookkeeping and accounting services to help support a business’s financial operation. I work with business owners, controllers and tax professionals to provide staff level services on an affordable basis for businesses that may not require a full time in-house accountant.


My ultimate goal is to provide accounting departments an affordable option when dealing with workload fluctuations and staffing requirements


The business decisions you make today determine where you will be 5 years from today.

We invite you to have a discussion with us to determine if you may benefit from our service now or maybe in the future should you need an accountant on short notice.

Please contact us at (508) 612-8473 for a complimentary consultation.

BlueMark Business Services

Robert J. Torteson


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Tel: (508) 612-8473

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Many businesses struggle to find new clients, believing that there are just not enough businesses that need their services.  The fact is, there are not enough service providers to meet the needs of businesses who would really benefit from professional services. The key words there being “would benefit”. So how does one go about the process of attracting new clients? Today’s marketplace is focused on streamlining procedures‑not adding cost or time (arguably the same thing) to a busy manager’s schedule. When looking to attract a new client, you may need to put yourself in your client’s shoes to truly see what their needs are. There are never enough hours in their day to keep pace with all of the activities required for running a business.  Therefore, to attract a new client, your service must help them attain a benchmark or goal they haven’t been able to achieve, whether that’s because of money or time constraints. As a consultant, your focus needs to be how you can help your client meet goals that have thus far been unattainable. The overall message is, “I’m working for you, not me.”